About Easy Catalan

Easy Catalan is aimed at people who are interested in learning a little Catalan. It is designed for beginners and faux beginners. There are lists of phrases, vocabulary and basic grammar suitable for and useful for beginners.

I hope over time to add enough content to help (me) and you;) reach an A2 or B1 level according to the CEFR scale.


I often like to know why people create websites (apart from those blatantly selling toasters or similar), and in case you are the same I'll answer my own question. People have different reasons for wanting to learn a specific language, and these are some of mine regarding Catalan.

I am interested in languages (or I wouldn't have a website like this), but also I often visit the balearic islands and hear Catalan spoken. I don't need to learn Catalan to communicate as everyone speaks Spanish, but am curious about the language and the meaning of words that I see around me. I see the word platja and I want to know the meaning.

I also hear people in shops and want to understand basic conversations, and maybe say the occasional bon dia 'good morning'. But really I'm just interested in knowing a bit more about the language.

There is not a lot of information on Catalan on the internet, and much of what there is is in Spanish and, so I thought I would use this website to write about what I come across, and with luck create a useful reference both for me and maybe others over time.

Additionally I am interested in the romance languages, but I recognise that with limited time and brain capacity (as well as other things to do in life - like work) it is only possible for me to learn two (or maybe three) well and scratch the surface of the others (maybe getting to level A2/B1 on the CEFR scale).

I have limited time, but also want to be able to use a few key Catalan expressions and to put together basic sentences. This has guided the direction of this site.

I realise that grammar is a dirty word nowadays, but it certainly helps me to know a certain amount even when dabbling (as it were). I've added basic some Catalan Grammar as I've encountered it when learning some of the language. They say that he who teaches learns twice. I don't know if that is true, but I hope that adding content to Easy Catalan will help me to remember it.

For example, I want to know how to form plurals in Catalan, but I only want an outline. In part, because I'm only dabbling with the language.

Learning complicated rules doesn't work for me, but having a kernel on which I can build does.

If you have any comments, suggestions, (corections) etc, drop me a line on Kind words, or my blog at Surface Languages (my other site).

The obligatory disclaimer

The translations and audio were translated and recorded by a translator and native speaker. They should be perfect.

The explanations were written by me, and like the site are constantly in flux. There may be mistakes.


Easy Catalan needs cookies to function properly. They are used to make the tests work properly.

I hope you enjoy using Easy Catalan

Easy Catalan is (as you may have guessed from reading the above) a part-time project, but I will continue adding to it organically and over time as I have with Surface Languages.